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About National Action Alliance

Inspiring Renewal

The National Action Alliance is the manifestation of what American patriots have been calling for, for years... Coordination!  Recognizing that there are scores of independent, grassroots organizations in every corner of our land working independently in different ways to promote, preserve and protect our God-given birthrights and natural law,  it's easy to say that each group is often an island unto itself operating from its own limited resources, capacity, and reach. 


The National Action Alliance is not an organization.  It represents the aggregate power of the sum total of all Americans working independently to enhance freedom and prosperity. The sole purpose of the 'Alliance' is to provide a hub of communication and information that connects each of our independent organizations (like yours) with others so that we can benefit from direct communication and information.  The aim is to be more proficient and effective in what each of us does in our own independent sphere of influence and unique activity by communicating and collaborating with others as the situation might call for. 

  •  Your organization has had some success. Share that with other groups.  Show us what you do well and maybe we can help propel you forward in that realm. 

  •  Learn about the successes others are having and how they did it so you don't have to waste resources reinventing the wheel. 

  •  Announce your objectives and initiatives to the alliance and find out who might be able to assist you in those. 

  •  Your organization might want to expand in certain areas:  put the word out to see how others in the alliance might assist. 

  •  You want to start an initiative in a local, state or regional area:  Bring down the full weight of multiple organizations on that one initiative. 

  •  Use the alliance to possibly feed new members to your group by highlighting your specialty where you can complement others.  Let's help each other. 

  •  Your organization is hosting or sponsoring a special event: Boost engagement by announcing it to the alliance. 

  •  Your organization has a great idea:  collaborate with like-minded patriots on development and funding! 

  • The possibilities are limitless! 


Our Movement

Cannot be Stopped! 
But it requires commitment from each of us

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