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How it Works

Founded to benefit all Americans

The National Action Alliance is sponsored and maintained by volunteers from THE NATIONAL ACTION TASK FORCE and is 100% free of charge to participate.  This effort came about upon the realization that there are far too many well-intentioned grassroots groups and organizations which are doing great things but could be doing better on various levels if they had more collaboration and support from others who share the same values and objectives.  This needn't and shouldn't be.


One of the biggest impediments to large-scale collaboration among groups has been differences of opinion on what should be done, how, what is the best approach and various other human frailties which surface and then serve as obstacles to agreement and cooperation.   This effort eliminates that.  Each organization is encouraged to maintain its own identity, activity, leadership and modus operandi.  Those that are on track and treat people right will gain support and thrive while natural selection will take care of the others.

By simply telling us about your organization through free registration, it will be featured among and exposed to the other members.  You'll also be privy to members-only emails and monthly meetings so we all can keep tabs on national activity that none of us have the time to do independently on our own.  Information flows both ways and by working together in our own unique capacities members share information, successes, and needs with other members in ways that allow us all to operate more effectively and efficiently in our own way. 



How to Benefit

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Register Your Organization

Fill out a short online questionnaire and tell us more about your organization and what you do.  We'll add you to a members-only email list which, as it grows, you can use to make announcements, requests, appeals etc. to the other members of the Alliance.

To Register - Click Here

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Your Group is Featured

Send us your logo and a description of your organization and you'll be highlighted on the 'Members' web page giving you more exposure 

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Monthly Meetings

Join us in our monthly live online web meetings to get the latest on what's going on around the country and tell us about what's up with you! 

This service is provided free of charge by volunteers from THE NATIONAL ACTION TASK FORCE to benefit all of our fellow Americans and freedom lovers around the world.    We hope you take full advantage and can benefit from it.

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